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About Us

Dr. Ashveeta’s - Children’s Dental Clinic is a pediatric dental clinic for children aged 0- 18 years. The clinic headed by Dr. Ashveeta Shetty and her team is committed to helping children in receiving the best possible dental results in a comfortable and friendly environment.

The clinic is well equipped with latest equipment and modern technology which are modified to suit children’s needs. Some of these include specialized dental chair, intraoral cameras, digital x-rays with smaller size sensors that are comfortable for pediatric patients, small sized and modified instruments, best quality materials. 

Anxious children are comforted and guided through the dental visits by doctors and staff that are well trained and experienced. They truly care and will go the extra mile to make every child feel special. Dr. Ashveeta is committed to making sure your child has a positive experience every time. Whether your child chooses to watch a movie, their favorite cartoon or simply chat, we will customize your child’s care to suit their needs and preferences! 

Children with special needs are also well managed and taken care of by the team. Sports Dentistry is another specialty of the clinic. Extra care is taken to maintain high levels of sterilization and disinfection to protect the young ones. 

We fully understand how hectic city life can be and strive to help busy parents schedule appointments that are convenient. Evening and weekend appointments are readily available, and the clinic easily accessible and located in a prime location in Ghatkopar West, Mumbai.

General Services

General Services & Preventive Dentistry

We provide all kinds of dental services to children of all ages. From infants and toddlers to children into their teens up to eighteen as well as special children...

Sports Dentistry

Sports Dentistry

Dental injuries are the most common type of orofacial injury sustained during participation in sports. These injuries can be prevented by the use of mouth guards...


Orthodontics & Myofuctional Orthopedics

Spaced out teeth, crooked teeth, bunny teeth, overlapping teeth, small jaw, bird face appearance, difficulty in correct pronunciation...

Special Needs

Special Needs

Patients with special needs are those who due to physical, medical, developmental or cognitive conditions require special consideration...

About Dr Ashveeta

Dr. Ashveeta Shetty is the chief Pediatric Dentist of Dr. Ashveeta’s – Children’s Dental Clinic.

She completed her Bachelor of Dental Surgery from the prestigious Government Dental College and Hospital, Mumbai. Thereafter she pursued her Master of Dental Surgery (MDS) in Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry from Terna Dental College, Navi Mumbai.

She is currently an Assistant Professor at DY Patil School of Dentistry, Navi Mumbai. She is a PhD Scholar and pursuing research work along with her clinical practice.She is also attached to various other clinics and charitable trusts across Mumbai. 

Her friendly and calm nature along with her expertise in managing pediatric patients makes her a good clinician. She strongly believes in prevention of dental problems from a young age. Her focus lies in motivating children as well as parents to maintain good oral hygiene, healthy lifestyle and dietary practices.

She has many national and international publications to her credit. She has also won awards for her research paper presentations.

Along with academic and clinical work, she also presents lectures for parents and conducts dental camps for children to create awareness about oral hygiene in children.

Dr Ashveeta Shetty

Research papers and Awards

Pediatric dentistry and non-pharmacological behaviour guidance in CoViD-19 era

International Journal of Advanced Dental Sciences Vol 1 Issue 1 July-December 2020

Read More Dr. Ashveeta Shetty, Dr. Sanmati Pol, Dr. Pooja Balgi

“ Comparison of ac impedance spectroscopy technique with conventional methods for detection of occlusal caries in primary teeth."

International Journal of Current Research, 9, (11), 60577-60582

Read More Dr. Farhin Katge, Dr Ashveeta J. Shetty

Clinical management of a complicated crown-root fracture of maxillary central incisor in a 12-year-old patient.

Int J Pedod Rehabil [serial online] 2018 [cited 2019 Apr 18];3:76-9.

Read More Shetty AJ, Katge F, Poojari M, Punamiya C.

The Role of Laser Stimulation (Electro-acupuncture) in Alginate Impression Making for Patients with a Gag Reflex.

J Dent Assoc Thai. 2017;67(4):688-695.

Read More Pol S, Katge F, Vamsi KC, Poojari M, Balgi P, Shetty A.

Knowledge and Attitude of Indian Dentists Regarding Dental Stem Cells

A Cross-sectional Descriptive Survey Indian Indian J Dent Res 2017;28:367-74.

Read More Katge F, Shetty AJ, Rusawat B, Vamsi KC.

The Acidogenicity of Crispy Snacks Available in Indian Market

A Comparative Study. Indian J Oral Health Res 2017;3:19-22.

Read More Shetty AJ, Katge F, Pradhan D, Wakpanjar M.

Clinical Evaluation of Caries Removal in Primary Teeth Using Carie-care and SmartPrep Burs

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Read More Shivasharan PR, Farhin AK, Wakpanjar MM, Shetty A.

Comparison of Three Diagnostic Techniques for Detecting Early Occlusal Dental Caries in Primary Molars

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Perception of Terna Faculty regarding Dental Stem Cells

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Role of Paediatric Dentist in Management of Cleft Lip and Palate

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Feeding Intervention in Cleft Lip and Palate Patients

A Review. Int J Dent Med Res 2014;1(4):143-147.

Read More Katge F, Dalvi S, Shetty A, Shetty S.

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