Dental X-rays

Dental X-rays Radiographs (X-rays) are recommended only when necessary to evaluate and monitor your child’s oral health. We are well equipped with a portable handheld X-ray machine and the best quality pediatric digital x-ray sensors where the image is seen immediately on the screen.  This ensures that good quality images are obtained with minimum exposure.

Sedation and General Anesthesia

Sedation and General Anesthesia In some cases, we may recommend that your child’s dental treatment may be done under sedation or in a hospital setting. This is to ensure that your child receives the best possible treatment. All details regarding the same will be discussed with the parents in detail while recommending this procedure. The.

Oral surgeries

Oral surgeries Our team of doctors are well equipped to perform oral surgeries in children. Conditions requiring surgeries include: Acute dentofacial infection Facial injuries Fractured teeth Jaw, facial, and bite deformities Oral trauma Oral lesions in the newborn Oral structural anomalies such as maxillary frenum, mandibular labial frenum, mandibular lingual frenum/ankyloglossia, and natal and neonatal.

Orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic treatment We provide orthodontic treatment for all age groups.All types of braces as well as INVISALIGN services are available. Braces are required for malaligned and crooked teeth. We provide all kinds of braces which include: Metal braces Ceramic braces Lingual braces Invisible braces

Myofuctional Orthopedics

Myofuctional Orthopedics Malocclusion can be prevented from developing at an early age. From an early age, mouth breathing, thumb sucking, tongue thrusting or swallowing incorrectly can be observed in most children. These lead to a developing malocclusion. The correction of these dysfunctional habits not only corrects the malocclusion (if treated early enough), it also has.

Sports Dentistry

Sports Dentistry In order to prevent sports related dental injuries, we highly recommend the use of customised sports mouthguards for children. These are fabricated according to the patient’s jaw size and tooth structure after taking simple measurements in the clinic.

Oral habit management

Oral habit management Certain oral habits when performed repeatedly may cause changes in the facial structure and function of the jaws. Such habits need to be corrected. These include Thumb sucking or finger sucking Mouth breathing Nail biting Tongue thrusting Lip biting

Broken teeth

Broken teeth Both milk teeth and permanent teeth can break due to falls while playing or other accidental injuries. Depending on the level at which the tooth is broken or if the entire tooth is knocked off, we provide different restorative options. It is extremely essential to report to the clinic in case of a.

Space maintainers

Space maintainers Space maintainers help “hold space” for permanent teeth. Your child may need one if he or she loses a baby tooth prematurely, before the permanent tooth is ready to erupt. If a milk tooth is lost too early, the space for permanent tooth under it may close. As a result, the permanent tooth.


Extraction Removal of teeth may be advised for highly infected or decayed teeth which cannot be saved by any other dental procedure.